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dollarsAll items are available for immediate delivery to you anywhere in the world. Orders are accepted only by an e–mail message to books [at] greenwoodroadbooks [dot] com, and are subject to availability. Confirmation by e–mail will be sent within 24 hours. Generally only one copy of a given work listed on this site is available at any given time. Prices are valid for 30 days after the posting of a specific list on this site; all prices are subject to change — without advance notice — at the discretion of Greenwood Road Books. Prices are not negotiable.

Unless otherwise requested, each order will shipped by first class or air via the U.S. Postal Service. All fees for shipping and handling are additional to the cost noted for each book. Arrangements can be made in advance to ship books by other services, such as UPS or Federal Express. Euros

A given item can be returned only within ten (10) days of receipt. Please notify Greenwood Road Books immediately if you are not satified with your purchase, via an e–mail message to books [at] greenwoodroadbooks [dot] com.

Greenwood Road Books does not accept credit cards directly. By not using credit cards, we avoid fees that amount to three to five percent of the cost of each item. Our policy of avoiding credit cards in turn lowers the cost of each item in stock. From individuals, invoices are preferably settled via wire transfer or by a pro forma invoice. Once the pro forma invoice has been settled, books will be shipped immediately. As always, libraries, customers providing suitable credit references, and known customers with active accounts at Greenwood Road Books will be invoiced with orders, payable immediately upon receipt.

All items are the property of Greenwood Road Books until all outstanding accounts are settled.

For those insisting on placing orders with credit cards, a portion of the stock of Greenwood Road Books is accessible via Abebooks; see Search for Greenwood Road Books under the “Booksellers” hyperlink.

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